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Russian Law №1 - 2011

  • From the Editor-in-Chief
Public Law
  • M.S. Salikov Regional Executive Power in Contemporary Russia
  • V.D. Perevalov The Legal Basis of Counteraction Against Corruption: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects
  • V. A. Burkovskaya Anticorruption Regulation in Russia
  • D.V. Vinnitskii The Network of Russian Double Taxation Conventions: Opportunities for Investments
Economics and Law
  • S.I. Tsyganov Special Regional Legislation on Foreign Investments
Transport Law
  • V.A. Egiazarov Plenum Resolutions of the RF Supreme Commercial Court as a Source of Transport Law
  • V.S. Belykh Russian Transport Legislation: Controversial Issues of Th eory and Practice
Energy Law
  • P.G. Lakhno Legal Regulation in the Field of Energy Saving and Improvement of Energy Effi ciency
Environmental Law
  • V.V. Kruglov, O.V. Shikhaleva The teoretical Principles and Trends of Legal Regulation in the Sphere of Environmental Protection
Maritime Law
  • A.L. Kolodkin Th e United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982: Some Currently Important Aspects
Judicial Practice
  • A. L.Burkov Regulations by the Plenum of the USSR and Russian Federation Supreme Courts as Non-Judge-Made Law
Comparative Law
  • Z. Koudelka Juducial Control of the Acts of the President in the Czech Republic
  • L.N. Berg Law Enforcement in the Light of System Research
  • A.V. Gubareva Currency Operations between a University and a Non-Resident Student
Postgraduate Research
  • A.A.Fadeyeva Constitutional Control As a Means of Legal Protection of Constitution
  • Categories of Insurable Interest in the English Insurance and Insurance Interest in the Russian E.V. Goleva Insurance: Comparative Analysis (History, Meaning and Perspectives of Reforming)
  • Violation of the Russian Federation Antitrust Legislation: Current Problems of Administrative and A.A. Ovodov Legal Responsibility
  • O.N. Lutokhina Transferable Letter of Credit: Approaching the Possibility of Application in the Russian Federation
  • A.G. Kozhevnikova Information Letter of the Presidium of the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation
Book Review
  • Reviewed by G.A.Gadzhiev and M.L. Lomovtseva S.V. Belykh. Freedom of Entrepreneurship As a Constitutional and Legal Category in the Russian Federation.
  • W. Butler In Memory of Judge A.Kolodkin